Letter: School nurses follow the law

I am writing in response to the comments made by defense attorney Peter Erhardt regarding the practices of school nurses here in Alaska in the ADN story published Feb. 13 regarding a school nurse forging parental signatures.

I have been a pool/substitute nurse for the Mat-Su Borough School District for the past six months. I have been educated by school nurses and, frankly, they are meticulous regarding the legal information and documentation, including immunization records.

Mr. Erhardt was quoted as saying, “I would guess that 99.9 percent of all school district nurses in the state have done this,” he said. “The prosecution of this is stupid because it makes it more difficult for the school district to manage kids.”

The law is the law and school nurses follow it to the letter, as their licensesure demands, from what I have observed and experienced. As you can imagine, several of my peers were extremely offended by this implication, as am I. I believe it is not “stupid” for nurses to follow the law and to contact parents to resolve issues.

— Michelle Hopkins RN, BSN