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Fire damages South Anchorage townhouses under construction

Tegan Hanlon
Tegan Hanlon

Firefighters knocked out a blaze Monday night that tore through a partially-constructed townhouse building in South Anchorage.

Capt. Patrick Gregg of the Anchorage Fire Department said his team from Station 12 arrived at 655 E. 79th Ave. around 7:45 p.m., shortly after a neighbor reported the fire.

Flames shot 20 and 30 feet above the plywood outline of eight two-story units. Sheetrock had not yet been applied to the walls of the building, under construction, leaving little to obstruct or slow the spreading fire.

"Once it got going it got going really fast," Gregg said.

Firefighters used water to knock out the bulk of the fire within 20 minutes. It was completely out an hour later.

"One unit is for the most part gone," Gregg said.

There was no one inside any of the units and there were no injuries, he said.

An investigation has been launched to determine where and how the fire started.

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