Letter: Principles over politics

I find it disconcerting that the editor opines that the constitutional amendment removing the anti-Catholic Blaine language needs to be in the education committee “where it belongs”.

A little research shows that the state constitutional convention did not have an education committee, and that in fact education was given to the committee writing the Preamble and Bill of Rights.

That committee was headed by Dorothy Ames, the first woman to pass the bar exam in  Alaska, and had one other female member, Ada B. Wein.

Robert McNealy, a member of the Bill of Rights committee, had this comment during the convention:

“It has been amusing to me to hear delegate after delegate come on the floor and talk about the rights of the people. They want to give the people this right; they want to give them the initiative and referendum; when it suits the purpose of the delegate speaking, then he is interested in the rights of the people. When it doesn’t suit his purpose, then he doesn’t believe the people should have the right.”

Some things do not change.

— David Nees



Anchorage Daily News