Letter: They knew what they were doing

Yesterday I was at the LIO in Wasilla to testify about HJR 1. I was shocked at the drumbeat regarding the alleged “Blaine Amendment” inclusion in our state constitution by Rep. Keller and some others who spoke yesterday. The implication that Alaska’s Founding Fathers were “racist” was hard for me to believe.

The men and women who met in Fairbanks in 1955, Republicans and Democrats, were idealists striving to give Alaskans equal rights with the rest of the nation. Most of these men were veterans who’d defeated fascism only a decade before, and their discussions regarding the ban on public funding of private schools was based on their interpretation of the separation of church and state from the First Amendment rather than on the Blaine Amendment from the late 19th century.

What sort of history Kool-Aid are they serving in Juneau?

— Stephen O’Brien