Acquisition of Sandy River Lodge near Nelson Lagoon announced

Anchorage, Alaska (Feb. 18, 2014) – The Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association and APICDA Joint Ventures Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of APICDA, announce the acquisition of the Sandy River Lodge. The purchase was completed on Feb. 11, 2014. 

The Sandy River Lodge is located on the end of the Alaska Peninsula near the community of Nelson Lagoon. The lodge will become a part of APICDA’s tourism division Aleutian Adventures, which is currently managing tourism operations focusing on fly fishing, reindeer hunting, bear hunting and duck hunting in multiple locations throughout the Aleutian region. 

The Sandy River Lodge is well known worldwide as a premier location for both hunting and fishing. It has been featured by major publications and travel guides from around the world. “The addition of the lodge to the current tourism operations is an exciting opportunity for APICDA,” says Larry Cotter, APICDA CEO. “The lodge will provide additional employment for residents of our member communities and generate a positive cash flow.” 

The lodge represents the next step in APICDA’s overall expansion of tourism as a focus for economic development in the region. Aleutian Adventures started as small fishing and hunting operation on Nikolski and now operates fishing and hunting opportunities in both Nelson Lagoon and False Pass as well as in Nikolski. “The Sandy River Lodge will be a flagship operation for our growing tourism business,” says Cotter. 

The Sandy River Lodge was owned and developed by Mel Gillis, who will remain a part of the operations at the lodge. He will continue to provide his knowledge and guidance to Aleutian Adventures going forward. “It will be great to have Mel continue to be a part of The Sandy River Lodge since he has built so many long-term relationships with his clients over the years,” says George Weaver, General Manger at Aleutian Adventures. 

“The Sandy offers one of the best king salmon fisheries in the world from June 8 - July 15. Chinook averaging 20-30 lbs. are typically caught using fly fishing gear, “says Weaver. “The silver salmon fishing generally runs through Aug. 30 - Sept. 21. It’s common to catch 8-15 pounders with some fish tipping the scales at over 20 lbs. The steelhead season runs from Sept. 21 - Oct. 19 over the 13 miles of river near the lodge.” 

To make a reservation, please contact Aleutian Adventures at toll-free at (888) 430-8329. We can give you the answers you need, detailed explanations to questions you might have, or check on availability and confirm your reservation in minutes. Additional booking information can be found at

APICDA’s purpose is to develop stable local economies based upon the fishing industry in each of our communities. Stable economies provide employment opportunities for local residents, tax revenue for local governments, economic growth in the community and region, a higher standard of living, and a reduction in social problems. The tourism operation provides jobs for local residents in a region that is in need of dependable employment opportunities.


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