Letters: LNG deal gives Big Oil the gas, assigns all the risk to Alaskans

At www.oilprice.com on Jan. 15, Nick Cunningham wrote, “If Japan moves to restart … its nuclear reactors, many LNG terminals may cease to be profitable.” He warned, “restart of all … 50 nuclear reactors, would mean it could displace about 51 million tonnes of imported LNG.” Then, Reuters reported on Feb. 19, “Japan to fast-track some nuclear restarts.”

So, Gov. Sean Parnell proposes that the risk in a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope be transferred from oil corporations to us. How wonderful for them!

Natural gas is more certain to bring both profits and far lower-cost natural gas to Alaskans, if sold from tidewater. USGS reports, “19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in Cook Inlet”. We can export it directly from Cook Inlet, and Alaska Railroad can distribute it all the way to Fairbanks! Let’s not let “Big Oil” bring us the most expensive natural gas in the most expensive way possible, while we take on their risk.

— Daniel N. Russell