Letters: Want to really 'Choose Respect?’ Give OCS the funding it requires

In 2012, a workload study commissioned by the current governor recommended an increase in support staff for the Office of Children’s Services (OCS). This department, already underfunded in its work to protect children from abuse and neglect, is set to receive serious budget cuts this year. 

How can it be that those we’ve elected can turn away from such information? How can they say “these are the tough choices” we have to make?

The governor and our elected officials have an independent workload study recommending a feasible solution to protect our most vulnerable population, our children, from abuse and neglect. I wonder what they will say when more stories of abused children wind up in the news? Tough choices should not include gambling with the lives of children.

“Choosing Respect” means more than words. It means actions. Our children deserve protection from violence and harm. Voting to cut child protection is not choosing respect.

— Kim Swisher