Letters: We already have school vouchers; they’re called PFD checks

The state of Alaska provides all qualified residents with a Permanent Fund dividend. Consider this to be your “private school voucher.” You may spend this money on the school of your choice.  

It baffles me that our governor and some of the legislators think it is a good idea to take money from public education to support private schools. Those in favor of the vouchers argue for school choice. Anchorage offers a wealth of school choices; there are home schools, charter schools, language immersion schools, optional schools, ABC schools, Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, vocational schools, neighborhood schools and private schools — for those that can pay for them.

It is unconscionable to  take money from the schools of children who can’t afford a private education and use the money to subsidize the parents of Alaska who can already  afford a private education. 

— Teresa Zimmer