2013 APD speeding stats: 108 drivers cited for going faster than 100 mph

Devin Kelly

In 2013, Anchorage police issued 108 speeding tickets to drivers for going faster than 100 mph, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Anchorage Police Department.

The fastest ticketed speed was 145 mph, APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said in an email. That driver was also arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level of .179, more than twice the legal limit for drivers.

In all, nine drivers ticketed for excessive speed in 2013 were also arrested for DUI. Of those, the highest recorded blood alcohol level was .239, nearly triple the legal driving limit, Castro said.

Police radars also caught drivers going 125 mph and 122 mph.

Last year, APD also began tracking the number of drivers cited for going 35 mph or more above the posted speed limit, issuing a total of 42 tickets in 2013. The most excessive speed in that category was 92 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Eighty-nine percent of the drivers stopped for speeding were male, Castro said, and 90 percent of the stops were made using radar.

Overall, police issued 22,791 traffic citations in 2013.

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