Anchorage man convicted of sexually assaulting daughter

Tegan Hanlon

An Anchorage jury on Wednesday convicted a 46-year-old man of sexually assaulting his daughter in 2012. He was also found guilty of incest.

In the early morning hours of Aug. 21, the man invited his 20-year-old daughter to spend the night at his Spenard apartment after she'd been drinking alcohol, said a statement from the state Dept. of Law.

She fell asleep on his bed and woke up to find that her father had stripped off her clothes and sexually assaulted her. She pushed him off, got dressed and fled to a friend's house where she called police, the statement said.

The Daily News is withholding the man's name to protect the identity of the victim.

However, the 46 year old has a history of sexual abuse and assault. In 2000, he was convicted of attempted sexual abuse of a minor, also a daughter, in Nome. He also has three prior assault convictions, including a felony assault.

The sentencing is scheduled for July 11. He faces between 20 and 35 years in prison and is being held at the Cook Inlet Pretrial facility.

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