Letter: Vouchers only a first step

Public education funds are for public education. The issue is simple. Why would anyone wish to undermine the strength of public schools? Private and religious school attendees have always paid tuition. Who decided to push for taxpayers’ money to support private and religious schools? Horace Mann (the father of American public education) would roll over in his grave to know that Alaskans are proposing to take money from public education and give uncalculated (as yet) amounts of taxpayers’ dollars to fund private schools, and we’re not told which private schools.

This proposal by pro-voucher legislators opens a huge can of worms. Where would this idea lead? Public education is the foundation of our country. Pro-voucher legislators must have thought this up during a 15-minute session at the water cooler. They seem to have no plans for the money. They just want it. 

— Sue Zajac

Eagle River