Letter: Support our public schools by adding options within system

It seems a common thread running through recent criticism of public education is the thinly veiled desire by some people to have their children educated in private (religious) schools and get the state to pay for it. 

The framers of the federal Constitution and the wise folks that crafted our state constitution got it right when they prohibited the use of public funds for religious purposes. Arguments to the contrary (just unlock the door by amending the Constitution and we’ll worry about how to craft enabling legislation later) are just plain sophistry.

Public education is a fundamental, bedrock principle of our great nation. We don’t need to amend our Constitution. We need to support our public schools by advocating for more options within the existing system, including more charter schools, if indicated, with the accompanying courage to pay for them.

And yes, my wife is a longtime teacher in the Anchorage School District and proud of her service.

— Ed Blahous

Eagle River