Big game Saturday for Rage City Rollergirls

Anchorage’s Rage City Rollergirls All-Stars can secure a spot in the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association Division 2 playoffs with a win over SoCal Derby on Saturday at the AT&T Sports Pavilion. 

The top 40 nationally ranked teams earn berths in the Division 1 playoffs, with teams 41 through 60 going to the Division 2 tournament in August. Rage City was ranked 102nd, but coach Dean Wilson expects his team to jump about 40 spots when the new rankings are released Friday. 

The big gains are due to wins over Oklahoma City and Assassination City of Dallas in January. After those wins, Wilson said his team knew it had a legitimate chance to make the postseason. 

“That’s really when we realized that we do have a good shot at it,” he said. 

A close loss to higher-ranked SoCal would still benefit Rage City, as strength of opponent is factored into calculated rankings. 



Anchorage Daily News