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Letter: HJR 1 isn’t the right way to go for

I am very concerned about the passing of HJR 1. While I applaud the government to taking action to promote education, this is not the way to go about doing it. I teach at a very small school in a very rural coastal village in Alaska that barely has enough funding to get the bare minimum needs met for teachers and students. I worry that sending state funding to charter/private schools will pull funding desperately needed from Alaska’s smaller schools.

I implore the citizens and government officials of this state to consider the consequences HJR 1 will have to not only the big city schools but also every size of school on down the continuum. What will happen in places like Platinum when they lose funding and have to let go of one of their two teachers; will they simply close the school? What will happen in Tununak if we lose funding; does that mean we lose the special education support we have for some of our students? Please, consider it before you pass it.

— Laura Conway