Letter: Rather than changing marriage, give gays a new term for union

According to Alaska law, “marriage” by definition is between one man and one woman. 

Gays and their supporters want to change this law. I question whether this is going to happen, regardless of what’s going on in some other states. Part of the problem here, which I do not see being addressed, is the fact that marriage has for thousands of years been a sacred institution, forming the basic foundation for the family, raising children and developing civilization. 

The gay goal here I assume is respect and equality … in taxation, inheritance, employment, etc. 

I suggest that we could provide a new legal term, other than “marriage,” for the legal union or partnership of same-sex individuals, something like “same-sex union.” Gays could reach their goal, not by trying to change the institution of marriage, but by recognizing the difference.

— Jim Lieb