Letter: School voucher system was proposed for good reason

Sue Zajac’s “Vouchers only a first step” Thursday, one of many letters bemoaning the voucher concept, suggests to me that everyone opposed to vouchers should ask themselves, why there is so much drive to give parents the option? If the public schools were succeeding we wouldn’t have the controversy. We spend much for the public school system, most of it for salaries and benefits, and most of us don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth. Further, many of us want our kids taught in a wholesome environment, not in a system laden with one-size-fits-all liberal social engineering. It’s not working! It’s simple. Teach kids math, reading and science effectively so they can compete in a global economy that’s rapidly leaving us behind, and leave the social engineering to the parents. Kids, not mediocrity.

— William Ahrens

Eagle River