Meet the Sled Dogs: Beemer

David Hulen
David Hulen

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Position: Leader

Musher: Allen Moore

“He’s (from) one of our car litters. Beemer, Viper, Rambler, Scout... Actually, I have about half of those and (spouse) Aliy (Zirkle) has about half of those on her team. They’ve been real good for us for quite a few years. They’re about 7 years old. Beemer’s a leader that led me (to the championship) in the Yukon Quest  a couple weeks ago, so hopefully he’ll help me get these younger dogs to Nome.

“He is just a really steady dog that just always comes through for us. He may not be the fastest but he’s steady. And nothing really bothers him. So that’s why he’s on this team. Aliy wants to go a little bit faster. In fact, she wants to win. I’m sure he’ll help me; I’m not trying to go fast. I’m trying to get the young dogs to Nome.”

— David Hulen

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