Meet the Sled Dogs: Lola

Devin Kelly

Age: 6

Gender: Female

Weight: 45 pounds

Position: Team dog

Musher: Marcelle Fressineau, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Musher Marcelle Fressineau:

“(Lola) was the pet of one of my friends, but (my friend) passed away from cancer. And the last words she told me were, ‘You have to take Lola for the Yukon Quest.’ But she was not a sled dog, she was a pet. But I took her and she liked that, so she made the Yukon Quest. But now she made the training for the Iditarod and I hope she will do it.

“She doesn’t like warm weather, so sometimes (like) today [ceremonial start in Anchorage] maybe it’s not good for her. She always tries to eat snow, and she’s slower when the weather is warm.”

— Devin Kelly

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