Magnitude 4.5 earthquake shakes Southcentral Alaska

Tegan Hanlon
Alaska Earthquake Information Center

An earthquake shook Southcentral Alaska Tuesday evening, about 60 miles northeast of Anchorage.

The 4.5 magnitude quake struck at 6:17 p.m., 25 miles southeast of Talkeetna, said a report from the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer. At 6:30 p.m., a smaller, 1.11 magnitude, earthquake hit nearby, reported the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

At the Talkeenta Roadhouse, owner Trisha Costello heard a brief rumble while in the first-floor dining room. She said she assumed "it was just something upstairs" and that the nearly 100-year-old Roadhouse comes with creaks.

"Oh, it was almost like something had fallen and tumbled, it was not really long at all," Costello said.

But when someone came down from the second-floor asking if Costello felt the earthquake, she turned to the Internet and realized what had happened. Nothing broke or fell, she said. "This whole thing made it through the '64 quake," she said about the Roadhouse.

Senior Watchstander Kara Gately of the National Tsunami Warning Center said she fielded phone calls from Sutton to Houston on Tuesday from people reporting shaking.

"Honestly, this is a pretty typical-type earthquake for us," she said. "This one just hit at a time of day when people were awake."

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