Meet the Sled Dogs: Fuzzy

Casey Grove

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Position: Leader

Musher: Charley Bejna

Resting in Finger Lake, Fuzzy pawed at at musher Charley Bejna while the musher petted his main leader.

This is Fuzzy’s last year racing, said Bejna, who is borrowing the dog from his friend, G.B. Jones. Fuzzy’s been to Nome several times, Bejna said.

“So I definitely want the experience out of him,” Bejna said. “He’s still got a lot of energy and everything, and he pretty much knows how to pace the team and everything like that.”

“He’s just a really happy dog. Always wants to run.”

Fuzzy’s name was a no-brainer, Bejna said: “When he was born, I guess he was just the fuzziest dog. Everybody kept saying, ‘Look how fuzzy he is!’”

— Casey Grove


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