Meet the Sled Dogs: Ringlet

Devin Kelly

Age: 4

Gender: Female

Weight: 47 pounds

Position: Team

Musher: Linwood Fiedler, Willow

“She’s a sweetheart. She ran the Yukon Quest, a 1,000 mile race, and then a month later ran the Iditarod. And did that at a year and a half old.”

In October, Ringlet delivered a litter of puppies, and bounced back fast.

“She’s the consummate sled dog. She’s such an athlete. We will literally come in after an 80 mile run and take her to our house and she’ll be running in circles to do more. Very athletic, wonderful personality, likes to lick your face. She’s get behind these dogs and pull on the get behind these dogs and it’s just incredible. You’re on a magic carpet ride. I’ve been lucky enough for her to take me on a few of those.”

- Devin Kelly

Anchorage Daily News /