Meet the Sled Dogs: Seattle

Devin Kelly

Age: 2.5

Gender: Male

Weight: 57 pounds

Position: Team, wheel

Musher: Martin Buser

“He’ll pull your gloves out of your pockets, he’ll mob you. He’ll take your scarf off, your hat off. Extremely gifted athlete. He loves to trot. He’s a fast trotting dog. A bit of a left-hander...dogs develop idiosyncrasies like people and being left- or right-handed is one of them. He’s definitely that.’ll see him being hooked up here and he’ll bark and jump around. He’s vocal, not a mute dog, he’s quite boisterous.

“He’s a graduate from last year’s yearling team. He’s run three races this year. He’s just maturing. Like I said, he’s one of the few young dogs in the team but he’s an up-and-coming star.”

- Devin Kelly

Anchorage Daily News /