Hold tight! Helmet cam footage by 4-time Iditarod champ Jeff King

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage -- 

The 2014 Iditarod trail includes some of the toughest mushing in the history of the race, veterans say. Mushers were battered and bruised on snowless ground, especially early along the race. Four-time winner Jeff King shot this footage using a helmet cam between Rainy Pass, in the Alaska Range, and the Rohn checkpoint on Monday, March 3. The video was provided to the Anchorage Daily News by Iditarod Insider and published here with King's permission. (We asked him at a checkpoint.)

The talk of the trail this year, it's one of the best-ever looks at what a musher sees while crossing some of the trickiest corners of the 1,000-mile race.

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