Letter: Money laundering can’t save failing schools, but Jesus can

I’m skeptical about transferring public wealth to private entities. Former President Bush’s “faith-based initiative” enabled Ted Stevens’ buddy, the former Fairbanks mayor, to embezzle for personal use money sent to his church for poor people. To me, this school vouchers campaign smells a lot like that. Since when did government wealth transfer by creating entitlements become conservative, anyway?

I went to Catholic schools from first grade through college and taught in three Catholic schools. In my experience, except for sexual matters, Catholics share with the secular culture the same materialism, consumerism, hedonism, moral relativism and worship of greed. Despite John Paul II’s opposing the Iraq war and its clear violation of Catholic just war doctrine, many, if not most, of my fellow Catholics supported the war.

Catholic schools are not graduating students with anywhere near the radical lifestyle and values of the founder of Catholicism. Jesus can save failing schools. Simply throwing money at them — by laundering it through parents — will not.

— Geoff Kennedy