Meet the sled dogs: Lieutenant

Devin Kelly

This is Lieutenant's seventh straight year racing the Iditarod, said musher Paul Gebhardt.

"He's led me in every race since he was a year old ... He's probably the calmest dog you'll ever see. He's white; he strictly watches me, everything I do. When I hook him up, put him in lead, he sits down and watches me. It's like he can count. When I put the last dog in he stands up and gets ready to leave. If I'm in at a checkpoint, instead of saying, 'Ready, all right,' I just say 'Lieutenant,' and he just stands up and we're ready to go.

"He's an awesome leader. He's a grandson of Red Dog, my Golden Harness winner. His father was Governor, who was another awesome leader. Governor took me to second and third place in '06 and '07."

-- Devin Kelly

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Weight: 63 pounds

Position: Lead

Musher: Paul Gebhardt, Kasilof

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