Nanooks are just a juggernaut right now; and they might see UAA again

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Not to put too fine a point on it -- oh, why not after a seventh straight win? -- but the UAF Nanooks are just scary good lately.

They crushed visiting UAA 7-2 tonight and that means they have outscored opponents 42-13 in the last seven games.

Cody Kunyk, who punked the Seawolves for four goals tonight, only has 9-7--16 totals in the last seven games. In that same span, Colton Beck (6-9--15), Tyler Morley (5-6--11), Nolan Huysmans (3-7--10), Garrick Perry (4-4--8) and defenseman Colton Parayako (1-6--7) have been handy too. Oh, and Sean Cahill has backstopped all seven wins.

While we're pinpointing some things, consider this: UAF is locked into third place in the league and will host the No. 6 finisher in the first round of the playoffs next week. Well, guess who is currently sixth? That would be UAA.

Remember, when the WCHA revamped after a bunch of teams fled, the first playoff idea floated as to have UAA and UAF play each other every year in the first round to help the league hold down expenses. That was, well, a stupid idea because either of those teams, and others in the league potentially would have gotten screwed out of the postseason seedings they earned in the regular season.

Funny thing, though in the first year of the "new'' WCHA -- UAA and UAF could end up playing in the first round.