Market Fresh: Fresh halibut and a hot new beer

Steve Edwards

Maybe Dallas Seavey can celebrate his come-from-behind Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race win with a plate of fresh halibut.

The fabulous flat fish are here.

"I feel like we should be running through the slippery streets yelling 'They're here, they're here!' " says Dannon Southall of 10th & M Seafoods in Anchorage. "First of the season fresh halibut will be here (Tuesday) and will be available the rest of the week. The weather was not the best on the fishing grounds but the fisherman were able to catch a few of these wonderful flatfish. We will have both small and large headed and cleaned fish as well as fillets."

Southall says it's too early to know the price because numbers are being "thrown all over."

Other options, where the prices are known, are fresh code and rockfish fillets from the Gulf of Alaska for $5.95 per pound and $9.95/pound, respectively. Southeast troll-caught king salmon will also be available this week both as fillets and head-on fish.


Juneau-based Alaskan Brewing Company recently launched its newest Pilot Series beer -- Alaskan Jalapeno Imperial IPA.

It is a double IPA brewed with jalapeno peppers and available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft. It is available through June.

"Our brewers were on a quest to brew up a hop-forward beer with a smooth malt body and just enough heat to stave off the Alaskan cold," said brewer Rob Day in a company press release. "They were interested in maximizing the jalapeño to showcase its flavor and aroma."

Dahlia tubers

Rob Wells, The Persistent Farmer, will have his dahlia tubers available at the Center Market at the Mall at Sears on Wednesday. He will also be at the Alaska Botanical Garden's Spring Conference on Saturday.

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One of the newest vendors at the Center Market is the Jonesers from the Valley.

The company offers Alaskan handmade nectar and loose leaf teas.

"The nectar are made from local flowers, berries, herbs, roots and chaga mushroom," Gail Jones says. "We wild harvest our products and work with the local farmers to gather what we need."

Alaska Vegan & Gluten Free will be offering a new soup at this week's market -- lentil tomato vegetable soup. It will join the regular lineup of roasted beets and sweet potato soup, carrot ginger soup, split pea soup, spaghetti sauce, red beans and brown rice with pico de gallo, fresh pico de gallo, homemade corn chips, lemon garlic hemp seed salad dressing, breads (with or without rosemary) and lemon cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting.

Alex Davis of A.D. Farm will have purple and orange carrots; beets; fingerling, peanut and German butterball potatoes; barley cereal, barley flour and whole barley; pork products including chops, steak, fat and several types of sausage; and fresh eggs.

Rempel Family Farm will have eight varieties of potatoes, three varieties of beets, carrots, sugar pumpkins, stripetti squash, parsnips, rutabagas, green cabbage and daikon radish. The Rempels are at Wednesday's market.

Drool Central is featuring made-from-scratch frozen meals this week. The 14-ounce bags are $6.95; three bags are available for $18.

"Once your dog gets a taste of these meals, they will badger and love you forever," says Daisy Nicolas. "These meals are so moisture wealthy that your dog won't attack the water bowl like it used to after eating all those super-dry kibbles."

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