Letter: Mail delivery is a federal duty

USPS’s Tammy Whitcomb seemingly has no understanding of her own agency’s core principals or of the concept of separate governmental powers when she suggests that Alaska could cover bypass mail costs using the Permanent Fund. States don’t reimburse federal entities for services rendered. The federal government taxes equitably and renders service as deemed appropriate by Congress, in this case, “prompt, reliable, and efficient services to patrons in all areas” regardless of profitability. Whitcomb seems to think that less populated regions or even states should be responsible for the cost of their service according to their own wealth. By her logic, Alaskans should demand that post offices in wealthy places like Manhattan, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, etc., charge higher rates for mail to cover the post office’s shortfalls. Or how about requiring credit card mailers to cost more instead of less? Bypass mail is unique in Alaska, but it’s still a federally provided service and should be funded as such, not by an individual state under threat from the fed.

— Nathan Luke

Saint Michael