Letter: Munoz fails on abortion vote

Last week Rep. Cathy Munoz was the pivotal “yes” vote on Senate Bill 49, the bill that attempts to establish a medical definition in state law for publicly funded abortions.

Three of her caucus members — Reps. Austerman, Edgmon and Holmes — voted against it. Two minority members — Reps. Gara and Guttenberg — voted against it. If Rep. Munoz had voted against it, it would have died in committee. Now it will go to the House floor and most likely become law.

The state already adopted regulations defining medical necessity. They are currently in court and the judge issued a restraining order stopping the state from instituting the regulations until the case is decided. Now Alaskans will have to pay for another costly lawsuit to fight SB 49.

If Rep. Munoz had listened to her constituents, who testified overwhelmingly against SB 49, the bill would be dead. It’s time Rep. Munoz’s constituents elect a representative who will vote for, not against, our wishes.

— Nancy Courtney