Young Anchorage entrepreneur designs survival bracelet, receives Spirit of Youth Award

Spirit of Youth

Wilderness survival is a top priority for Grayson Davey, who recently received a 2014 Spirit of Youth Award in the category of Business & Government.

Davey, age 12, is an avid outdoorsman and has lots of experience surviving in the Alaska wilderness.

Last year Davey invented The Alaska Survival Bracelet after some close family friends nearly died in a boating accident that left them stranded without fire for three days. The paracord bracelet incorporates everything you need to start a fire and tie a shelter, including 17 feet of paracord, a firesteel and scraper, and about 10 inches of waxed jute twine for tinder.

"All too often, the difference between life and death in Alaska comes down to the ability to start a fire and make shelter," according to Davey's website.

Davey makes each bracelet himself and sells them at local markets and sporting goods stores.

Take a look at Davey's products by visiting his website.

Learn more about this year's award winners and reserve your seats for the 16th Annual Spirit of Youth Awards Dinner, Saturday, April 5 at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown.