Letter: Take a fresh look at vouchers

Vouchers for schools: What is everyone afraid of? Everyone pays taxes regardless of religion or no religion. People pay taxes who have no kids in the system. It’s a part of life.

What is wrong with sending the money to the school parents choose as best for their kids? When is it the government’s responsibility to tell you that “we the government are taxing you for school, but if your child goes to a different school we are not going to support that.”

Why is everyone afraid of religion? The best way to understand anything is to learn what it is. People don’t want guns in schools. Why? If every high school or middle school taught a gun safety class or had a rifle team, gun violence would be cut down. If school would discuss religion and its history (both good and bad) people would not be so afraid of it. Competition use to be a good idea, when did that turn bad? Getting an education is the most important part.

— Kirk Brown