Letter: Bond comes at a shaky time

The upcoming municipal election includes a bond proposition to improve facilities of the Anchorage School District. In the past, I have voted for facilities upgrades and would again this year, but find myself questioning whether that makes economic sense. Senate Joint Resolution 9 proposes that parents can use public education dollars or per pupil spending at private schools. Not knowing how many students will take advantage of the change makes me question a 20-year bond for two reasons: the 70 percent match from the state is often contingent on enrollment, which becomes less certain under the constitutional allocation change and, it is unclear how many facilities ASD will need if our legislators proceed with the proposed change. While I appreciate parents feel the per-pupil spending should be something they control, I have, as a municipal tax payer, been investing in the facilities of the ASD for 18 years and feel that gives me a vested interest in the decision. I oppose the proposed legislative change and hope the issue is resolved by April 1.

— Sarah Wright

Eagle River

Anchorage Daily News