Letter: Parnell undervalues pipeline

Re: Friday’s article covering Parnell’s news conference about Mandell, etc.

As reported by the Daily News, Parnell declared in so many words that his intent is to pack the State Assessment Review Board in order to get a lower tax valuation on the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.  He is explicitly determined to lower the value of the line, thereby acting against the interests of hundreds of thousands of Alaskans. I don’t know what is more astonishing: that he is doing this, or that he is so candid about it.

As the Daily News tracked this story — and our thanks go to the Daily News — fired assessor Marty McGee did indeed adhere to judicial guidelines; and we do recall that the courts approved the $11.9 billion assessment. Parnell says that the line should have declined in value, but that’s true only if it was properly valued in the first place, or if there were no new considerations to take into account during the past eight years.

What do I know about these arcane matters? Not much, I suppose, except that Sarah Palin’s most persistently troubling legacy may be in the person of Gov. Parnell.

— C. A. Crawford



Anchorage Daily News