Gallup: Most Americans do not believe health care system 'is in crisis'

David LightmanTribune News Service

More sobering news for supporters of the Affordable Care Act: Two-thirds of Americans are satisfied with how the health care system works for them, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

"Most Americans do not believe the health care system in this country is in crisis," according to a Gallup analysis.

Gallup also found that "a clear majority of Americans" say they disapprove of the new health care law.

"Their disapproval could be because many don't see the need to change the system, and worry that the new legislation will affect a process they currently are satisfied with," the poll analysis said.

"President Barack Obama famously argued that under the ACA, those who liked their existing health insurance could keep it. However, in recent months, he has had to backtrack from that statement as news reports suggest that under the new law, some insured Americans may face changes in their policies, including coverage and cost. Their new policies, though they may provide a higher level of benefits, may end up costing them more than their old ones did." in three, including a majority of those without coverage, said they were dissatisfied with the current system.

So, Gallup figured, "there is an obvious need for this type of help. And, it may be that some of those who approve of the law have a satisfactory health insurance situation, but are motivated by charitable impulses rather than their own self-interest."



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David Lightman
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