Letter: Intention to seek accountability

Two weeks ago the ADN printed an article on the Tour of Anchorage in which I was frequently quoted with respect to my disappointment in how the TOA seeded the start of the races.

Yes, those statements were true and I still hold to those. However, my intention was not to disregard or diminish the accomplishments of all the other racers who partook, nor the race’s organizers for still pulling off an incredible race despite the trail conditions and the changes that had to be made to the race course, which many letter writers seemed to think.

My intention was to call out and make NSAA accountable for the fact that they treated the headline ski race of the season in Alaska like a casual ski through the woods for all involved and that is not acceptable if they are going to offer cash prizes and attract elite racers. I was not the only one of that opinion; many other top racers expressed dissatisfaction. I just happened to be the one the ADN spoke with.

— Lauren Fritz

Eagle River