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Letter: Charter school costs overlooked

Regarding Bob Griffin’s opinion piece in the ADN March 18, he states “there’s a simple way” to reduce the cost of public schools. Bob says there are two costs associated with public schools, fixed and variable. Bob fails to account for the additional cost of charter school oversight, a cost that will be borne by the taxpayer. What about societal costs?

Columbus, Ohio, had 17 charter schools fail in one year. Since public funding of charter schools started in Ohio, 29 percent of all charter schools have failed. The hundreds of students who attended a failed charter school must be placed in another school quickly. What is the cost to society when a charter school does not provide a student a solid foundation in science? Let’s talk about the real costs of tax payer-funded charter schools.

Regarding Bob Griffin’s aforementioned “simple way,” remember what H.L. Menken said: “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.”

— Jim Robinson