Letter: Laneless in Anchorage

Well before winter was over the lane markers disappeared. Not that white lane strips work well with snow, but when snow is gone they are worn off and we attempt to wander down two- and four-lane streets and roads feeling out the spacing for the lane (also hard in snow).

One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a diffident result. Can we not think outside the box for a change? Let’s quit doing the same, stupid thing over and over and winding up with no lanes.

One idea (and I am sure there are others) is to follow what they did with the rumble strips on the highways. They have not propagated into potholes. Either the same pattern or single parallel cuts to mark the lanes. Try filling them with yellow paint, or fill with yellow epoxy. At the very least there will be a visual line of divots that never go away. Millions saved a year, year in and year out, and something that actually works.

Other ideas welcome, but for crying out loud quit doing the same, stupid thing over and over that does not work worth diddly. If that is not stupid I don’t know what is.

— Gregory Schmitz