Letter: Kelly should be commended for effort

When men who are policymakers put themselves out as big-time experts on birth control and female behavior, I roll my eyes in disbelief along with a lot of people. 

But when a policymaker in Alaska steps out to exhibit sincere leadership on a crucial public health problem like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), I think we should all listen carefully and ask how can we help?

I have worked with Pete Kelly for years and sometimes I disagree with this views( and he mine). On the subject of FAS prevention, I totally admire his willingness to step up and lead tough conversations on how we as Alaskans can diminish this 100 percent preventable condition. 

I served as commissioner of Alaska’s Health Department in the Knowles administration and helped focus attention on FAS prevention and treatment. Over the decades, some very dedicated people have worked hard on this issue. 

But not enough is being done. It took Pete Kelly to give this effort new energy. 

Thanks, Pete, for your work and your compassion. 

— Karen Perdue