Market Fresh: Dahlia deliveries begin; can this really be spring?

Steve Edwards

With the recent sunshine and warm temperatures, it's easy to get a case of spring fever.

Rob Wells has the cure. Well, he might actually have something that makes it even worse.

Wells will be at the Center Market on Wednesday with dahlia tubers, both for customers who have pre-ordered and for those who want to scratch the flower itch. Working with those tubers might just make you want spring even more.

"I have been busy planting this year's crop and am bringing in new varieties to grow for next year's inventory," says Wells, The Persistent Farmer.

He will begin delivery of dahlias that he has started for customers in May at the Anchorage Farmers Market. For more information, contact Wells at 907-982-7182 or visit

More at the Market

Several vendors will continue to gather at the Mall at Sears for the Center Market both Wednesdays and Saturdays. The market is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

Vendors to look for this week include:

Country Health Foods: Duane Clark will have Kodiak scallops, local free-range chicken, local grass-fed beef, jams, barley breads, cookies, pure local raw honey, products from Alaska Sprouts and yak meat from Rempel Family Farm.

Rempel Family Farm: The Rempels will have eight varieties of last autumn's potatoes, stripetti squash, beets and daikon radish. The Rempels are at Wednesday's market.

A.D. Farm: Alex Davis will be back with his big selection of Alaska-produced meats, vegetables and other items. He will have pork products (pork chops, fresh side, steak, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage patties, spicy sausage and fat for rendering); barley cereal, barley flour and whole barley; storage vegetables including carrots and purple carrots, peanut potatoes, German butterball potatoes, French fingerling potatoes; and beets.

Drool Central: Daisy Nicolas will be back with a wide selection of fresh-baked goodies for the puppy in your life. Among her items are 14-ounze frozen meals for dogs. They include: the Fish Bowl with Alaska wild salmon, oatmeal, Alaska grown carrots, organic green beans and fish livers; the Chicken Bowl with chicken including skin, livers, hearts, gizzards, organic brown rice, Alaska grown carrots and organic green beans; and the Beef Bowl with Alaska grown potatoes and carrots, ground beef, beef organs (may contain liver, kidney, heart and tripe) and organic green beans.

Alaska Vegan & Gluten Free: Kristin Donaldson will be offering two new items this week in addition to her regular lineup. The new items are no-cook oats with almond milk, fresh fruits and almond slivers and an ancient grains blend. The regular menu items include: roasted beets and sweet potato soup, carrot ginger soup, lentil tomato vegetable soup, split pea soup, spaghetti sauce, red beans and brown rice with pico de gallo, fresh pico de gallo, homemade corn chips, lemon garlic hemp seed salad dressing, breads (with or without rosemary) and lemon cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting. Some items sell out quickly. Contact Donaldson early to request they be held. Her email is

Earthworks Farm: Dee Barker will be back with her Abeille Alaska handmade all-natural beeswax and honey body care products at Wednesday's market. Among the items offered is moisturizing cream, deodorant cream and liquid perfumes. They also are offering the body care items at the Exchange Mall on Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson on Thursdays to Saturdays until May.

"Last Sunday, eight of our 10 hives were thronging outside their hives and diving back in," Barker says. "April will be the last critical month. Once they make it through April, they can take care of themselves and find their own forage."

Monica's Confection Connection: Monica Droz will have a selection of gourmet brittles at the market, including buttery cashew, sweet pecan, traditional peanut and a jalapeno peanut "that has a kick," she says.

Steve Edwards lives and writes in Anchorage. Contact him at

Daily News correspondent