Letter: Parnell serves Big Oil, not average Alaskans

Gov. Sean Parnell legally supported Exxon, which after the Exxon Valdez oil spill tried to dodge damage payments to Alaska fishermen. Then he worked as a lobbyist for Conoco Phillips to make legislation favoring the oil industry. Then, as governor, he changed the oil tax structure to give three of the largest corporations in the world billions of dollars that would have gone to the Alaska people. Then he led the state lawsuit with Pebble Partnership against fishermen and the “Save Our Salmon” initiative. Now he is striving to stack the State Assessment Review Board so oil companies can cheat on the property taxes that would normally go for community services along the pipeline.

Do we really need a governor who ignores Alaskans to favor corporations who will fuel his political interests?

Follow the money; Sean Parnell is not working for you.

— Rod McCoy