Letter: Pregnancy tests vs. contraception

It’s ironic that public and private funding for contraception is at the heart of so many debates these days, and yet Sen. Pete Kelly wants us to use state funds to put pregnancy tests (too late!) in bars.

He doesn’t want to educate and protect Alaskans before “the deed” is done, only to “inform you” that you’re pregnant and that it’s time for you partying ladies to curb your ways. Yes, this is a war on women, just masked with a bleeding-heart, conservative ad for FAS prevention. How about funding free contraception for all women and men? Not only will you reduce the 124 FAS pregnancies per year, but also the far greater number of unintended pregnancies and intentional abortions as well. 

After the pregnancy tests are funded for bars, I expect we’ll see scales, “Eat This Not That” books and a “lighter menu” being selectively offered to our plumper population in Alaska’s restaurants.

— Cathy Girard