Letter: Religion does war on secularism

I’ve always been an advocate of accepting the beliefs of others (live and let live). The uncountable, peaceable religions of the world are OK with me. Where I do experience a conflict with some Christian denominations is in their pursuit to politically control others’ behavior deemed legal by the law. For instance: I believe if you are against legal abortion I would like to suggest you don’t have one. Try contraceptives beforehand. If you are against gay marriage because you believe it destroys straight marriage, I suggest you search for the marriages which have been destroyed and publish the list so that others may be made aware. If you push for public funds to be used for religious schools be prepared to have Muslim, Hindu or anti-religious schools open near you, supported by your taxes.

Some of this is said tongue-in-cheek but the message is, I hope, clear: Let law-abiding people alone who are not harming you but just think differently than you. The war on religion doesn’t exist and never has, but the war on secularism is alive and well and dates from the Inquisition.

— Dick Palmatier