More Aces pain: Unofficial record for games missed with injuries

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Not to pile on in the wake of the Alaska Aces' remarkable collapse in Las Vegas tonight -- the gruesome details can be found here -- but The Blog was planning on this post since earlier in the day.

And, really, it maintains the theme of the night: Pain.

For six seasons now, The Blog has been keeping an unofficial running tally of Aces injuries and how many regular-season games players missed with various ailments.

Well, tonight, in their 67th game of the season, the Aces hit a new high for games lost to injuries -- and we suppose that's a low, when you think about it.

In any event, 18 different players by our count have missed a total of 341 games to injuries.

Prior to this season, the worst collective games-lost number came just last season, when 21 guys missed a combined 334 games.

In case you're wondering, here are the totals from the last five seasons -- and, remember, the number is going to get bigger for the Aces, who have four regular-season games left.

2013-14 -- 18 players have missed a combined 341 games.

2012-13 -- 21 players missed a combined 334 games.

2011-12 -- 15 players missed a combined 214 games.

2010-11 -- 17 guys missed a combined 234 games.

2009-10 -- 14 guys missed a combined 240 games.

2008-09 -- 13 guys missed a combined 219 games.