Our View: Let's vote today

Whether we're dismayed or delighted by our choices, it's our job to vote today in Anchorage.

That's the right of responsibility of self-government -- to choose, even when the choices aren't those we'd prefer to make, even when we find it hard to make time.

Today's election is the one closest to home for most of us. We'll decide six Assembly races, two Anchorage School Board seats, a list of bond propositions and a pair of ballot measures.

This election doesn't have the draw of a mayoral election or hot ballot initiative. But this election is no less about the continuing work of building our city, educating our kids and taking care of the business of living in a community.

It's increasingly easy to vote these days. We've had two weeks of early voting. The city provides central polling places as well as our neighborhood precincts. We've got 13 hours to get the job done today.

Why bother to vote? Ask those who never get the chance.

Does it matter? Today we'll decide if we renovate our library and rebuild an elementary school, enhance public transit and maintain our roads and what the political balance of our Assembly will be.

That's not somebody else's job. It's ours.

BOTTOM LINE: The choice is ours; let's vote today.