Records fall in White Mountains 100 bike, foot, ski race

Photo courtesy of Ed Plumb

Four records were shattered at the White Mountains 100 on Sunday. Anchorage residents set three of those records during the 100-mile bike, foot and ski race north of Fairbanks.

"Anchorage kind of took it away," race director Ed Plumb said.

Klatt Elementary teacher Josh Chelf was the top male cyclist, finishing in 7 hours, 53 minutes. Chelf came in 2 hours, 17 minutes ahead of Greg Matyas' previous record of 10 hours, 10 minutes set in 2011.

Anchorage's Amber Bethe set a record for women's cyclists, crossing the finish line in 10 hours, 33 minutes -- breaking Heather Best's mark of 11 hours, 4 minutes.

Records were also set in the foot race. Laura McDonough, of Anchorage, broke her own record by nearly five hours to place first in 24 hours, 50 minutes. Colorado's Joe Grant won the men's race in 17 hours, 5 minutes. He annihilated the previous best men's time of 30 hours, 56 minutes set by Ronnie Grapenthin by 13 hours, 51 minutes.

Max Kauffman, of Fairbanks, won the men's ski race in 12 hours, 27 minutes. Fairbanks' Laura Gutierrez was the top women's skier in 23 hours, 35 minutes.

Daytime temperatures in the 30s and a low temperature just above zero made for ideal conditions, Plumb said.

"The conditions were prime for every division to have a record," he said. "The snow was nice and packed but not too packed to where it was icy."

In its fifth year, the race had its first unicyclist, Elliot Wilson. The Fairbanks man completed the race in less than 19 hours to place 43rd out of 63 finishers. Quite an accomplishment, especially for a hilly course that features about 7,500 feet of elevation and decent.

White Mountains 100

1. Josh Chelf, Anchorage, bike, 7 hours, 53 minutes:2. Tyson Flaharty, Fairbanks, bike, 8:10:3. Ben Abbott, Fairbanks, bike, 8:12:4. Heath Sandall, Fairbanks, bike, 8:46:5. Joel Homan, Fairbanks, 8:59:6. Kevin Murphy, Anchorage, bike,9:35:7. Brett Parks, Fairbanks, bike, 9:57:8. Richard Wise, Denali Park, bike,10:02:9. Trystan Herriott, Fairbanks, bike, 10:04:10. Brian Blair, Silverado, Calif., bike, 10:15. 11. Mark Davis, Anchorage, bike, 10:15:12. David Palmer, Fairbanks, bike,10:25:13. John Shook, Fairbanks, bike, 10:26:14. Morris Palter, Fairbanks, bike,10:27:15. Amber Bethe, Anchorage, bike, 10:33:16. Erica Betts, Fairbanks, bike, 10:47:17. Kurt Lockwood, Fairbanks, bike, 10:52:18. Jay Cable, Fairbanks, bike, 10:52:19. Seth Ross, Hoonah, bike, 10:54:20. Austin Johnson, Fairbanks, bike, 11:12. 21. Hank Statscewich, Fairbanks, bike, 11:20:22. Christian Gou-Leonhardt, Fairbanks, 23. Laurel Brady, Anchorage, bike, 11:32:24. Jill Homer, Los Altos, Calif., bike, 11:34:25. Mike Buck, Anchorage, bike, 12:12:26. Nancy Fresco, Fairbanks, bike, 12:17:27. Max Kaufman, Fairbanks, ski, 12:27:28. Todd Redinius, Ester, bike, 13:09:29. James Keck, Boston, Mass., bike 13:31:30. David Hadley, Boulder, Colo, bike, 13:33. 31. Steve Taylor, Fairbanks, ski, 13:55:32. Erica Lamb, Fairbanks, bike, 14:12:33. Paul Snarski, Fairbanks, bike, 15:13:34. Bob Groseclose, Fairbanks, bike,15:36:35. Sam Herreid, Fairbanks, ski, 15:57:36. Seth Adams, Fairbanks, ski,16:00:37. Drew Harrington, Fairbanks, ski, 16:02:38. Joe Grant, Gold Hill, Colo., foot, 17:05:39. Kim Kittredge, Palmer, bike, 17:07:40. Kate Batten, Denali Park, bike, 18:01. 41. Superal Mitchell, Anchorage, bike, 18:08:42. Matt Heavener, Los Alamos, N.M., bike, 18:31:43. Elliot Wilson, Fairbanks, unicycle, 18:38:44. Bob Gillis, Fairbanks, ski, 18:44:45. Ned Rozell, Fairbanks, ski, 19:24:46. Trevor Jones, Eagle River, bike, 20:29:47. Jim Ishman, Silverthorne, Colo., bike, 20:38:48. Ron Koczaja, Fairbanks, ski, 20:52:49. David Maxwell, Fairbanks, ski, 22:34:50. Houston Laws, Juneau, foot, 22:44:51. Laura Gutierrez, Fairbanks, ski, 23:35:52. Dan Lesh, Gustavus, foot, 23:41:53. Samuel Chamberlain, Fairbanks, ski, 23:48:54. Laura McDonough, Anchorage, foot, 24:50:55. Gary Holton, Fairbanks, foot, 26:59:56. Dimitry Lysenko, Jersey City, N.J., foot, 27:50:57. Eyat Saiet, Fairbanks, bike, 28:34:58. Stephen Sweezey, Chugiak, foot, 30:01:59. Corrine Leistikow, Fairbanks, ski, 31:36:60. Eric Troyer, Fairbanks, ski, 31:36:61. Stefan Milkowski, Fairbanks, foot, 32:44:62. John Nagel, Juneau, foot, 32:52:63. Sarah Duffy, Anchorage, foot, 34:48. Did not finish -- Jenna Carlton, Fairbanks, ski:Emily Schwing, Fairbanks, ski.


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