Kotzebue teen's passion for tradition earns her Spirit of Youth Award

Spirit Of Youth
Submitted by Leanne Viveiros

Currently Miss Teen Arctic Circle for Alaska’s Northwest Region, Trinity Atanauraq Viveiros is deeply connected to her cultural roots. She is being honored with the 2014 Spirit of Youth Cultural Pursuits Award.

The 13-year-old Kotzebue resident hunts caribou and bearded seal, harvests beach greens, carries out the processing and preparation, and shares her hard work with her community. 

Viveiros brings traditional foods to elders in the long-term care unit in Kotzebue who otherwise would not have access to this staple of their culture. Viveiros continues the traditional art of skin sewing and creates her own parkas, mukluks and Atikluk shirts. 

She welcomes with open arms all who wish to learn these crafts and traditional ways of life, teaching people much older than her. Trinity successfully blends traditional and modern cultures to benefit those around her.

This concludes the inspirational, motivating, innovative, courageous and compassionate stories of the 2014 Spirit of Youth Award Recipients. Tomorrow night at the 16th Annual Spirit of Youth Awards, these 22 young Alaskans will be celebrated and honored by family, friends and leaders.

For more information about the Spirit of Youth Awards, visit www.spiritofyouth.org.

Spirit of Youth
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