Letter: Schools a much higher priority than a billion-dollar Knik bridge

I agree with Les Gara: “It’s things like the Knik Arm bridge, that will cost $1 billion without cost overruns, that are eating up the money that we need to move our schools forward. You can either have smart kids or a shiny new bridge, and I would rather have smart kids.” 

How can we justify building a bridge at a time when our state is struggling to balance its budget and our schools are under-funded?  And do we really think that the average commuters are going to be happy and able to pay $5 a pop (per passenger vehicle) to drive oneway across this bridge?

My daughter’s ASD middle school math teacher is being laid off next year, along with other educators. I think our educators and students are a much higher priority for our city than a billion-dollar bridge. I also think my daughter’s math teacher needs to help the Senate Finance Committee with their math on this bridge project. Let’s hope the bridge doesn’t end up like the Anchorage legislative office renovation/lease money pit.

— Karen Biggs