Letter: Speak out and lend support to proposed 'Erin’s Law’ in Alaska

I just returned from a visit to your beautiful state, where I testified on Erin’s Law, HB 233. Despite the amazing scenery, I was sad to learn that in 2013, there were more alleged victims of child sexual abuse in Alaska than there are students in the larger Anchorage high schools. This is why I hope Alaska will pass Erin’s Law, mandating a K-12 child sexual abuse curriculum to teach kids to speak up if they are being abused.

I know from my personal experience that abusers tell their victims to stay silent. If we don’t talk about abuse, we give all of the power to the perpetrator.

HB 233 passed the House Education Committee, with all members voting in favor of its passage. With 18 sponsors, I think it will gather more and quickly move through the Senate.

I urge you all to contact your senators and representatives and tell them to pass this bill! We must empower our children to speak up and give adults the tools they need to respond.

— Erin Merryn