Letter: Back bill to control chemicals

I attend East Anchorage High School and recently participated as a youth delegate with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action. I have recently taken an interest in Senate Bill 151, known as the Healthy Kids Act. This bill will create a list for highly toxic chemicals and would prohibit the use of flame retardants. Overall it would bring awareness to the community and help direct us in banning these chemicals.

I am passionate about the health of children and I hope to one day become a pediatrician. I support SB 151 because I believe everyone, especially children, has a right to know the effects their surroundings have on them. In the future I want fewer chronic diseases and more people with the ability to make a difference and the power to reach their goals. Children are our most precious resource for the future, and they have a right to be protected and have a healthy future and vision to look forward to. This issue I believe has been put off for way too long, and it’s time to take leadership on this issue, as it would be a crucial step in finding more answers.

— Nyabony Gat