Letter: We pay too much for water

The water bills in Anchorage are nothing shy of price gouging. A friend of mine in San Leandro, Calif., pays between $80 and $120 every other month; changes are based on his consumption. My aunt in Brussels paid 123.19 euros for the 370 cubic meters of water she used in 2013, while my cousin in Laval, Quebec, has a yearly water bill of about $100.

On a muni Web page, I counted 44 as the number of people making more than $100,000 a year, and I was not halfway through the number of employees at AWWU yet.

When I called them to ask for a meter, I was told that this was not an option, and was reminded the bill would go up to $96 in January 2015 and $100 a year later, and that I do pay for water and sewer lines.

The high monthly bills are necessary for generous union wages and benefits; there lies the truth. An electric or natural gas flat fee would not fly, so why is this acceptable?

— Philippe Clauwaert